Our Mission

North-West Recycling Centre believes the future of waste management is based on an improvement to resource recovery and reuse of organic material for compost production and mulch. Our mission is to provide our customers with a smarter alternative to waste management and to reduce their waste management costs, prolonging the life of our landfills.

North-West Recycling Centre is here to enforce the re-evaluation of discarded waste, to make you consider how smarter choices, such as our services, can save you and your community money and resources.

Therefore, our core objective is to reduce waste, exceed customer expectations, provide an effective and efficient service, cut costs for our clients and help the environment with our innovative green waste recycling solutions

North-West Recycling Centre

Green waste recycling is all we deal with!
North-West Recycling Centre provides a 360 degree specialist recycling solution for green waste products.
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  • Soil Conditioner
  • Forest Blend
  • Eucalyptus mulch
  • Eucalyptus superfine
  • Forest fines
  • Mixed tree mulch

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Our Valued Customers